RBW 2020 Speaker

Ilya Vorobiev

Lead Product Owner
Ilya Vorobiev is the lead Product owner at Britain’s first digital bank unicorn – Revolut. From 2016 to 2019, he was the leading director at the product department of Yandex Mail, the second biggest personal email provider in Russia and CIS with over 10 million daily users.  

Vorobiev, whilst working for Yandex, has greatly optimised the email application’s software and client satisfaction by implementing various changes including: making unsubscribe from newsletters wizard feature, which reduced the number of spam and delete operations by 30% and introducing ads inside apps with stable churn rate, increasing revenue by 15%. From 2015 to 2016 he worked as a Product Manager for Disney. He was in charge of Disney brands and products online marketing and distribution in CIS on a platform with more than 2 million active customers.

Upon transitioning away from Disney he successfully increased amount of traffic from searches and applied behavioural analytics for better target marketing. Additionally, as an entrepreneur, he developed e-learning portal to assist start-ups in successful establishing and developing of their business in Russia. Also, he was one of 3 founders, who created an online business partnering with Amazon in providing an innovative gift giving service for important moments.

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