RBW 2019 Speaker

Alexey Uchitel

Director & Producer
Alexey Uchitel is one of Russia’s most esteemed film industry veterans, a filmmaker of acclaimed documentary and fiction films, and founder/CEO of the highly successful Russian film production studio Rock Films. Alexey Uchitel was born August 31, 1951, in Leningrad, and is the son of celebrated documentary film director and cinematographer Yefim Uchitel,    

 In 1975 he graduated from VGIK (The All- Russian State University of Cinematography), and began working as a cameraman and documentary film director at the Leningrad (nowSaint Petersburg) Documentary Film Studio.  In 1991, Alexey Uchitel founded the film studio Rock Films, which has become one of the largest and most prolific Russian film production studios.

For over twenty years, he has balanced a successful career running the studio and directing and producing both acclaimed fiction and documentary films. His film, "Captive", (2008) about the war in Chechnya, received the prize for Best Director at the prestigious Carlovy VaryInternational Film Festival, one of Europe's top festivals.    
Uchitel directed"The Edge" in 2010, the story of a young Chechen and his Russian captor during their civil war.  ‘TheEdge’ received multiple major Russian film awards, and was selected as theRussian entry for Best Foreign Language Film at the 83rd Academy Awards, and was also nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Foreign Film.  
Since 2010, Alexey Uchitel has been President of the Saint-Peterburg festival ‘Message to Man’,and International Festival for documentary, shorts and animation - one of the two major Russian film festivals that has the A-classification by FIAPF.
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