RBW 2020 Speaker

Mikhail Treyvish

OmniGrade Universal Crowdsourcing Agency

Mikhail is one of the prominent figures of the international receivables finance industry. He started in 1995 with Rossiyskiy Credit Bank as Head of Factoring Department.In 2004-2009 Mikhail served as the CEO of National Factoring Company - the first ever specialized factoring company in Russia.In 2004-2015, Mr. Treyvish was a Member of the Board of Directors of International Factors Group (IFG - a global trade association for factoring and receivables finance) and the Chairman of IFG in 2008-2009. 

In 2009 Mikhail was elected the Chairman of Asian Chapter of IFG.In 2014-2016 Mr Treyvish was consultant on factoring of European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). He also participated in consulting projects on factoring in Kazakhstan, Armenia, Indonesia and Vietnam.Since 2016 Mikhail has been a researcher and entrepreneur in the field of crowdsourcing.

He is the Founder and CEO of OmniGrade - an  international crowdsourcing platform that for companies, organizations and projects with ambitious noble goals is a tool allowing to form an international group of supporters, inspired by their vision and ready to help them on an ongoing basis.  

Mr Treyvish is also the founder and Chief Editor of the FutureBook - the book about the future, that is, how human civilization will look like in 20-25 years, created with the help of crowdsourcing.

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