RBW 2020 Speaker

Marina Shtager

Shtager Gallery
Marina Shtager is a founder of Shtager Gallery and the London Art Club, she is Russian born art historian, former Mariinsky Theatre’s spokes-women and a curator and gallerist with 13 years-experience and about a half a million sold artworks by Russian and International artists. 
From May 2016, Shtager Gallery has been developing its activities in two strategic directions: as a contemporary art gallery and as an experimental space, in cooperation with the renowned museum and exhibition designers “Morris Associates” in London’s Elephant & Castle.

The experimental space hosts daring exhibitions, education projects and art talks, which initiates a dialogue with institutions, art foundations and other active participants of contemporary art world.
To support the gallery’s activities as an experimental space, Marina Shtager also formed the London Art Club in 2019; a new and exciting venture to provide art advisory service and series of lectures and international tours for art- lovers and collectors. The regular art-walk “Contemporary Art Galleries” led by Marina Shtager, became the most popular among art-lovers living in the UK and visiting London. 

Media hooks: In 2019 Simon Hewett named Shtager Gallery “a significant newcomer to the London scene”:“A significant newcomer to the London scene is Marina Shtager, founder of the St. Petersburg Gallery Association and longtime head of the city’s Lazarev Gallery. Marina moved to England in 2014, and her Shtager Gallery represents both international and Russian artists”.

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